Branded Entertainment

Every brand has a personality. We make it resonate.

Whether integrating brand messaging and product into top-rated TV shows and movies, or creating and distributing original short-form documentaries, our team of producers and entertainment marketers help our clients make an impact. Our longstanding relationships with A-list writers and directors, television and film production companies, major broadcast and cable networks, studios, talent agencies and top digital platforms enable us to provide unique access to top global entertainment properties.

Business-to-business Communication

Our experienced business-to-business teams leverage the relationships central to your business value.

We help enhance customer loyalty, spark new lead generation and endorse industry reputation – all part of the critical mix for marketplace success. This meshes seamlessly with the relationship-oriented nature of B-to-B, whether we’re guiding the sales force to use the perfect sales driver language, courting analysts for positive reviews, leveraging trade show events or building the loyalty of vertical industry customers. We mesh new digital strategies into these age-old B-to-B approaches. As a result, B-to-B clients across the globe depend on Loshire to differentiate them as leaders in their increasingly competitive markets.


We give our clients a roadmap for effectively communicating about a CEO’s transition.

As boards of directors continue to face increasing public scrutiny from shareholders, media, analysts, employees and the government, it is imperative that they communicate the business rationale that guide their decisions. Regardless of whether a transition is seamlessly planned or unexpected and immediate, Loshire’s CEO transition communications team works confidentially with the board and the company’s executive advisory team to pre-empt stakeholder concerns.


Purpose is a driving force behind the re-engineering of brand marketing around the world.

We create integrated campaigns that bring together experts in brand strategy, reputation and issues management, public affairs, sustainability, employee engagement, brand and corporate citizenship, strategic philanthropy, public-private partnerships, CSR strategic planning and reporting, NGO positioning, engagement and fundraising. Together, we help clients launch branded campaigns centred on ideas that distinguish them, and more importantly make an impact.


Transmedia storytelling is at the heart of how we help our clients build meaningful relationships with their audiences.

Memorable stories and shareable content provide the connective power that brings people together in this time of great change. We partner with clients to produce relevant content and real-time creative assets that support traditional, hybrid, social and owned strategies and align with longer-term brand and corporate narratives. The Creative Newsroom is staffed by a team of content creators, strategists, trend spotters, community managers, analysts, paid and earned media experts, planners, writers and editors with backgrounds in visual, digital and traditional news and information.


We provide our clients with rapid and strategic responses through the lifecycle of reputational risk.

Today, facts alone are insufficient to communicate and build trust across the broad spectrum of our fragmented media landscape. Consequently, organisations face the possible loss of market share and competitive edge, employee disenfranchisement and destabilizing reputational damage. In short, they confront the danger of losing the license to operate and to lead. Corporations look to Loshire’s Crisis and Risk practice for around-the-clock support and counsel through the life cycle of reputational risk. This assistance ranges from assessments of a client’s initial vulnerability and capability to immersive crisis training and rapid-response crisis management.


Today’s stories are complex. We help tell them through words and pictures.

Information visualization allows Loshire to provide industry leading communications solutions to clients to present their information in innovative and participative ways. As a story-telling company, we are interested in helping clients tell their stories through compelling graphics and content that can travel across all media. Loshire has developed its own approach to information visualization and has experience of delivering successful campaign with many leading clients. We’re also adept at taking complicated scientific information and bringing it to life clearly and distinctly through visual expression.


The result of our innovative online and offline designs is excellent communication.

Creativity, technology and business savvy are the elements that make effective business communications. Our contract artists employ electronic publishing as well as traditional design and production methods. We produce web sites, brochures, create corporate images and develop logos. We also design and produce newsletters – from copywriting to printing. We produce clients’ print and radio advertising and more. The advantage of choosing Loshire for creative projects is the combination of business knowledge and creativity.


Our approach centres on listening with new intelligence to help brands meaningfully engage with people online.

We bring together the best talent to help clients from every industry and sector navigate complex business and brand challenges brought on by an increasingly digital world. We plan innovative business strategies and deliver flawless execution. We excel at helping our clients recalibrate their brands, reframe their positions and – most importantly – connect and engage with people.


A company’s employees are not only its greatest asset but also among its most trusted sources of information.

We work with clients to accelerate business performance by boosting their internal communications, helping them effectively engage their employees. Every type of organisation needs effective internal communications in order to be successful, whether they are in the private, public or third sector. Robust internal communication is vital, not only for the well being of employees but also for the performance of the organisation. Unless employees understand what their organisation is seeking to achieve, and the part they themselves have to play, the hope-for success and profitability of an organisation is in jeopardy.


Our industry experts bring a multidisciplinary approach to food issues and opportunities.

We have unparalleled expertise in food, nutrition and agriculture helping companies from field to fork. Our food industry team includes savvy brand marketers, registered dieticians, digital food strategists, food policy and issues experts, researchers and those with deep knowledge of agriculture and food production. At the heart of our food marketing expertise is our understanding of consumers who have moved from being observers to catalysts for action. Our expertise cuts across practice areas – Consumer Marketing, Corporate, Public Affairs and Health – because the challenges and opportunities of today’s food & beverage industry require a multi-disciplinary approach.


We navigate the intricacies of various political systems through our work with government agencies and stakeholder groups.

Our team brings together expertise in effectively reaching audiences at the national and community levels, with an in-depth understanding of the specialized nature of government contracts. We are well-versed in the intricacies of working with government agencies – including developing web-based materials, meeting Government Printing Office requirements and achieving contract goals on time and within budget. We manage costs without compromising quality or creativity. We provide myriad services to engage with target audiences through strategic counselling, media relations, research and market analysis, issues and crisis management, education and advocacy programs, event management, materials development and production, online monitoring and engagement and advertising (paid and PSAs).


We work with clients from the court of law to the court of public opinion.

Now more than ever, legal challenges make news. How a company is defined during a legal battle can potentially damage an organization’s reputation long after a trial concludes or a settlement is reached. A victory in the court of law doesn’t guarantee success in the court of public opinion. Loshire’s litigation communications group combines the focus of a boutique shop with the resources of a global firm. Our national network of attorneys, crisis communications counsellors, former journalists and political strategists helps clients navigate the intersection of the legal and public arenas to minimize unnecessary exposure and protect reputation, relationships and credibility in times of crisis.


You can’t predict the future, but you can make better decisions. We help clients align strategy, brand and organisation to create measurable results.

We develop innovative strategies for brands and organisations. We believe the increasing complexity of today’s business world presents challenges, but also opportunities. Combining a broad view of global trends with rigorous analytics, we help clients to clearly articulate the problems, understand the landscape, define the drivers and barriers to growth and effectively align organisational resources to take action. Our consultants are concept integrators, bringing expertise from management consulting, marketing, technology and operations to deliver recommendations that are highly strategic and deeply practical, which leads to real impact for our clients.


While what makes a great story hasn’t changed, the way to tell it has. We help clients’ stories resonate across the fact changing media landscape.

Our media groups around the world are made up of former journalists and passionate media relations experts from a wide variety of disciplines who can counsel clients. We crowd-source information, we collaborate on all-scale events. Loshire’s skilled media relations experts think about media holistically – building great stories that resonate and reverberate beyond their initial publication. We are training our teams and clients to think about their stories in a multimedia way – not just words on the page, but slideshows, short videos, sharable presentations and podcasts. We often co-create with media – making video pieces exclusively for one influential website, which ricochet to others.


Information is not only lightning fast, it’s completely portable. We’ve scaled the globe into bit-sized bytes that are easy to absorb.

The growth in use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has staggering effects on media consumption and shopping behaviour. Public relations and marketing are now faced with the real-time responsibility to be relevant, meaningful and personal at any moment and location. At Loshire, we take pride in understanding the behaviour and the innovations that will define tomorrow and the success of your business. We empower each client with programs and solutions that consider the urgency to be engaging and interactive with a mobile audience.


In an increasingly global society, a company or brand’s key stakeholders are never homogeneous.

Combined, African-American, Asian, Hispanic and LGBT communities have a purchasing power of more than $2 trillion. We look at the rise in multicultural demographic numbers as an opportunity to fully deliver on genuine and effective public engagement. Organisations across every sector seeking to connect with stakeholder groups fundamentally benefit from holistic, intentional and innovative programming that addresses the needs and nuances of diverse communities. To build new relationships with multicultural communities, our teams develop 360˚ programs strategically aligning our client initiatives with key community realities in an effort to purposefully fill a gap with relevant campaigns. Through our insights and programming, we help clients drive awareness and alignment with a brand, organisation or issue.


By taking actions that build trust, companies not only earn a license to operate; they earn a license to lead.

Corporate reputation and trust are a company’s most important assets, and must be handled carefully. By identifying a company’s assets and weaknesses in the realm of trust, we help corporations uncover, define, exemplify and amplify their authentic identity in ways that resonate with stakeholders and inspire support of their business mission. Loshire works with companies to earn this license to lead. Our approach to building holistic trust and reputation management starts with benchmarking attitudes and opinions and indexing the strength of relationships among critical stakeholder groups – employees, partners, suppliers, customers, investors, regulators, legislators, NGOs, news media, community leaders and the general public. And then we bring business together with society to help forge critical changes.


We help companies develop a social media strategy to fall in line with.

We think a successful social media strategy involves more than accumulating Likes, Followers or positive sentiment. It should be contextual and aligned with the tenets of a brand and desired consumer experience. We can help. We have successfully integrated various brands with their online communities, fostering authentic communications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We wrote – and are still writing – the rulebook on community management, shaping industry best practices and setting the standard in our field.


We believe start-ups benefit from tailored attention to address specific circumstances and opportunities.

We support early-stage start-ups and small companies looking for communications counsel and high-impact support outside of the common agency business model. Through a combination of projects, workshops and “office-hours” consulting we scale our approach and budget to the specific needs of entrepreneurial organisations. Our experts conduct intensive sessions focused on storytelling, launching products and building communities, and also provide bespoke support for specific projects such as pitching stories to press, securing briefings or announcement planning. We have helped numerous start-ups in the consumer and enterprise space build and grow their communities and markets.


Connecting brands with celebrities is our talent.

In today’s cluttered media landscape, brands are continuously looking to cut through the noise. Drawing on people’s passions for sports and entertainment and the artists, actors, musicians and athletes who drive this space, the right talent can be the perfect solution for brand differentiation. We develop relationships between our clients and celebrities, athletes, experts and industry notables – and the loyal fans that follow their every move. We connect brands with talent from the worlds of film, television, fashion, music, sports, technology/media, and broader pop culture through our strategic alliances with all major talent agencies, management companies, personal PR agencies, record labels and entertainment law firms.


We believe in offering a great design, a smart solution and ultimately a web excellence.

Innovative web development, Mobile app, SEO support, bulk SMS services, short-code telephoning and Google ad are among the frontline services offered by Loshire’s IT section. Identifying and meeting our client needs is the key to our continued business success. Listening to our customers and partners is what determines our business strategies and drives our culture. We are greatly concerned about quality of our solutions where cost doesn’t overlap your expectations. We have an efficient team of IT professionals, who are well equipped with technical skills and expertise to cope with the emerging technologies in the market. Working with numerous brands means that Loshire’s IT team is no stranger to understanding your requirements, whether you are a corporate body or an individual.